Prize Rules
The Zverev Art Prize aims to support and promote a wide range of modern art – from painting, sculpture and graphic works to street art and new media. Open application procedure allows all artists to participate by filling out the form on the website of the prize.

All artists over the age of 18, regardless of their race, gender, or national origin can participate in the contest.

Each participant can submit an application only once within the specified time limit. A group of artists can apply as one applicant; at the same time any artist that is a member of the group of artists can submit an individual application as a separate participant.

The criteria for artworks and projects to be accepted is as follows: the art object should be created specially for the Zverev Art Prize, i.e. no earlier than 2021 and correlated with its topic – "Life is constrained, art is free…"

The contest will be held in stages. First, a judging panel consisting of leading figures of the contemporary art world will select the most significant artworks for an exhibition. Afterwards, those nominees' works will be evaluated by the jury, which will decide the laureates of the Prize.

Regulations for holding the Zverev Art Prize
in the field of the contemporary art
1.1. The Zverev Art Prize (hereafter referred to as "The Prize") and the contest on receiving it (hereafter referred to as "The Contest") are held to support and promote a wide range of modern art – from painting, sculpture and graphic works to street art and new media. The Prize does not pursue a commercial purpose, is not an event aimed at advertising of goods, art works or services.

1.2. The Private Entity "The AZ Museum of Fine Arts" is the Organizer of the Prize (OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1137799007444, INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7710480675, registered at the following address: 125047, Moscow city, 2-nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, building 20-22, block 2), hereafter referred to as "The Organizer".

1.3. The Prize is awarded on a competitive basis in accordance with these Regulations. The Contest is held in the form of the public promise of an award to the winners who comply with the established requirements of these Regulations. The contest does not require any entry fees for the participation.

1.4. The information about the Contest is notified to all participants through posting these Regulations on the official website of the Organizer ( and through posting the information about the Contest on the official social pages of the Organizer on the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte.

1.5. Persons over the age of 18, citizens of the Russian Federation / foreign citizens / permanent residents of the Russian Federation can participate in the Contest. Minors, persons with limited or dispositive capacity can participate in the Contest and receive the Prize with the written consent of their legal representatives, parents, adopted parents or guardians.

1.6. The Participants have the rights and obligations provided for by these Regulations. The Participants unconditionally agree with the conditions of these Regulations by taking part in the Contest.

1.7. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in this Regulations and to post the indicated changes on the website. Such changes will take effect from the date of their posting on the website, specified in the paragraph 1.4 of the Regulations. The participant agrees with the indicated changes through ongoing participation in the Contest. In case of disagreement with these changes of the Regulations, the Participant must immediately notify the Organizer and disengage from participation in the Contest.

1.8. The Organizer is not liable for compensation for any damages to participants or to other persons, including damages associated with the inability to carry out the contest of the Prize or the inability to display art works. This is true in all circumstances, including in the case of cancellation, premature cancellation or modification of the terms of the Prize.

1.9. Participating in the Contest is voluntary and of a grant-based nature. It does not impose any obligations on the Organizer. Payment of the Prize is a right, but not an obligation of the Organizer.

1.10. The Organizer doesn't contribute any kind of payment for participating in the Contest, nor for any other actions provided for by these Regulations.


2.1. Promotion and support of the best art works by contemporary artists.

2.2. Identification and support of new names and art movements in the contemporary cultural field.

2.3. Support of innovative forms in various spheres of art.

2.4. Awareness-raising and educational activity, dedicated to A. Zverev's oeuvre.

2.5. Upholding the principles of Liberal Art for contemporary artists and viewers.

2.6. Exposing the viewing audience to the history and development of arts, and involving them in that world.

2.7. Creation of a wide, synthesized picture of the world of contemporary art.


3.1. Art works and projects by Russian and foreign artists, as well as communal projects by Russian and foreign artists can be submitted to the Contest, subject to the copyright enforcement of the indicated artists and of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.2. The works must be accompanied by the written consent of all artists of the respective work to participate in the Contest. The consent must contain the name of the artists / co-artists, data sufficient for identification, including contact information, explicit consent to participate in the Contest, the title of the work and the year of its creation, as well as the signatures of all artists / co- artists. Consent is expressed in the form of a single written document. The lack of consent of the artist to participate in the Contest may be the basis for the non-admission of the work and the Participant to the Contest.